Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love is not Jealous... But Its Jealousy Is Unyielding As The Grave

I got punkcd today so I figured I'd share the joy.

"Love is as strong as death...its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire." Song of Solomon 8:6

I didn't understand this before. Not at all. how can God say love is not jealous. But in Song of Songs, King Solomon says that love's jealousy is unyielding as the grave?

Here's my take on that - and it's coming from this present place in my life and in our relationship...

When we look at 1 Corinthians 13, the bottom line of it all is this: truly loving eachother means that we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do what's best for the beloved, deserved or not,e asy or not, comfortable or not. We dont do it based on what they do in return. Not at all. We do it because living out God's kind of love won't allow anything else.

God says 'love never fails.'

God also says that He himself is love.

And God IS jealous. His word says that. But it's not a jealousy that destroys. It is a jealousy that relentlessly pursues it's object. Just like love. Love relentlessly puruses it's object.

God is Love.

God is jealous.

Love is jealous.

Death is an absolute thing. It does not change. When you die, you are dead. There is nothing else.

Love, if it is God's love, is absolute. It does not change. When you love, you love. And there is nothing else. Not if you do it on God's terms.

"love is as strong as death.'

There is power in love; the absoluteness of it's nature makes it the most powerful expression we can have toward eachother. Becuse God says it always wins... and if He is love, that would mean HE always wins.

Love's jealousy is unyielding as the grave. Just like death keeps on comin - even though we'd all rather it not, love does the same - even when we reject it. Neither love nor death worries about the consequence of it's pursuit. They both do what they were created to do. The both intend fully to lay claim to their object. Love wants what it wants and it does not stop till it gets it.

In this instance, jealousy is not the sort that destroys or does damage. It's the sort that refuses to be cast aside.

One thing about jealousy is that there is no agenda for a jealous person, but their own. Their sole pursuit is to prove their suspicions. And in human tems that's a negative thing.

But in God-terms, in God's way, it's not only positive, it's wonderful and liberating. Because Gods' suspicisions are 1) not suspicions at all. He always acts in and has full knowledge. and 2) His jealousy is rooted in the clear intent of proving His thoughts toward us to be right.

Think on that ya'll... God knows His thoughts toward us. He knows what each one of us really truly is and what/who we will be. He knows. And He sets out to prove it - to us and eveyrbody else. His whole goal is to prove that He's right in how He views us.

Just like jealousy.

And since He is Love, then Love is jealous.

And if we love His way, if we love like Love, then in that same way, we should be jealous. Because based on Love's Word, Love always believes the best.

And since Love sets out to prove itself right in it's thoughts of the beloved, then Love should be jealous enough to 'burn like a blazing fire' in order to accomplish it's goal.

We are called to love so relentlessly, so hard, so deep, so strong that Love consumes us and our object. Love should overtake the beloved in such a way that all it (the Beloved)  can do is prove the Lover's thoughts toward itself to be right and true.

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