Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Heart for Prayer

I have always been a prayer. From the time I can remember. I talk to the Lord constantly, just like I talk to Jenn. It's the only way I know how.

I'm a vocal girl; I need to speak a thing to process it. And because I haven't been given to allowing a lot of people to know my heart, I've had to vocalize to someone. And that someone has been the Lord.

Even when I was doing my own thing, I talked to Him - and expected Him to respond.

As He's drawn me back to His love, prayer has been a huge part of my life. I came to learn how to pray by noticing how the Lord answered my prayers. I'd say Lord, use me in xyz way, and His answer was to do literally what I had requested. I began to make the connection between what we speak and what we receive in response. So I've learned to pray carefully.

I have also been praying for others, as He leads. And up until now, that really had been a pretty close circle.

I am passionate for prayer for two reasons:

One, I believe it builds a relationship between us and the Lord that we can never have any other way. We become friends with Him this way. We learn to know His voice this way. We learn to trust Him this way. We learn to discern His Will this way.Prayer is the catalyst for every other part of our spiritual life and health.

And two, it teaches us to love eachother. Because it requires a purity of heart, and a sacrifice. We can't pray unless we love one another enough to put aside our feelings and pray with a heart that wants God's best for us.

Intercession is a gift. And a responsibility.

I wanted to share with you my heart, so that you would know why I have opened up to pray for you.

Hope you 'see' my passion and feel my love.


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  1. You cannot possibly know how you are missed. May you rest in peace in the arms of our loving and merciful Savior. You were faithful. Now receive the crown of life. Miss you, Ro.