Thursday, January 3, 2013

How Much He Loves Me

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Ya'll missed me, didn't cha?

I missed ya'll too!!!

  1. I am crazy. I have my own special variety of crazy. And Chu loves me anyway.
  2. I make HIM crazy. In my own sweet endearing way. And Chu loves me anyway.
  3. I seem flakey sometimes. And distant. And Chu loves me anyway.
  4. I'm scared of how much I love him - and he knows it. And Chu loves me anyway - hard and deep.
  5. He's scared of how much he loves me; he admits it. But it doesn't stop Chu from loving me anyway - hard and deep.
  6. My family is not his biggest cheering squad. Doesn't stop him. Chu loves me anyway.
  7. His family is probably not MY biggest cheering squad (although the ones that really count are on my side). Yep. Chu loves me anyway.
  8. We have totally different backgrounds and in some ways we are polar opposites. It drives us both nuts. And Chu loves me all the same.
  9. I'm an L-Squared. He is not. And Chu loves me anyway. (if you get this, great. If not, I'll explain in some other post.
  10. He wonders sometimes the method to my madness. And yep. You guessedit. Chu loves me anyway.

See a theme here? I realized all this greatness last night and it soothes my heart. I need him. And it's nice knowing he needs me - and more than that, he loves me.

Later ya'll. Go see Jill to join in.

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