Saturday, December 8, 2012

*'Sarah doubted the promise as well, but Isaac was still

'Sarah doubted the promise as well, but Isaac was still conceived just as the Angel revealed'

So... i'm at this wierd place. All this transition. All the beginnings of the eating... And it all seems too good to be true. Like it's coming too easily and out of nowhere... But then... there are one or two things that just seem so far-fetched still. Like for real.

And since the Holy Spirit so clearly spoke the above word to me, I guess I may as well admit (and accept) that I'm feelin like Sarah right now. I mean. Really. Think about that. God sends an angel who's all 'FYI, you're gonna have a kid. I know you're old and all , but seriously. You're gonna have a kid. And your OLD husband is gonna be the father. Nevermind that it is pysically, naturally impossible. God sent me to tell you that He's got this and you're gonna be a mama.'

That's ludicrous. Ab.So.Lute.Ly. Ludicrous.

But it happened.

And the stuff God's promised me: it's all ludicrous. ludicrous. But I'm supposed to believe it's gonna happen.

And I want to. I really do. Then I have moments of serious doubt, because really. All this is just not naturally a possibility. I look at the obstacles. I look at the reasons why not and I start thinking I dreamed all this up.

But. At 5 am today, God challenges me to believe Him. And so. I guess I need to stop laughin' and get to believin'.

Hmphf. Can't say God is being subtle w/me these days now can I?!

Isaac faith it is...

Wait. *sheesh* I think I prayed some craziness about having faith like Abraham (you know the part about the ram in the bush?!). Oh boy. I'm gonna learn. Really I am.

Bye People

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